Consultancy designed to your needs

Business areas of expertise

No matter what your project is in the following spheres, we will be able to help you along the path to a successful implementation.

  • Financial Messaging
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Financial Value Chain
  • Markets and Finance
  • Credit Management
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Cards
  • ISP

Whether you need

  • Advice on Regulatory Compliance
  • To write internal documentation or training
  • To implement a new SWIFT server

We can

  • Assist you with operational activities.
  • Design/review your processes and procedure
  • Guide you when choosing the best software solution

SWIFT related services

SWIFT Registered Provider

K-Consultants offers the following SWIFT related services and support formulas to help you every step of the way to a successful SWIFT project implementation; whether it is a simple change, or a more complicated migration, such as the upcoming 7.2 version, we are there to help you achieve your goal inexpensively.

  • Business analysis to define your business needs or review your current business processes.
  • Project management by a PMP certified project manager
  • Technical Expertise for Software and/or platform migration of all SWIFT products, as well as Patch, MST, upgrades, configuration, routing , ADK upgrades, installations and con guration.
  • Implementation Management for new or migrating platforms

Classical Support Formula

Complete support coverage during office hours and non office hours (hotline) for blocking issues (note that the open case at SWIFT has to have the blocking status). This formula offers the usual technical help for regular upgrades and problem solving during technical or functional issues. It covers the complete SWIFT messaging software suite and connectivity.

It includes:

  • Patch installations
  • Message Syntax
  • Telephone support
  • On-site support
  • System health check

Operational Support Formula

With this formula, a consultant comes on site at regular intervals. All operational activities are thus covered, whether it is to “run the bank” or to “change the bank”. It also includes the support offered in the Classic version. It is the ideal solution to reduce SWIFT application administration costs and reinforce the technical knowledge within the department.

Whether you decide to have a consultant coming along once a month, or even every day, this formula will answer your operational needs.

Project oriented approach

Our approach is project oriented and we can cover..

  • Project management for the complete project
  • Administrative tasks, such as SWIFT forms for new and changed configurations
  • Software installation and configuration
  • End to end testing, including writing testing scenarios and reporting
  • Technical writing
  • Training

Our Mission

Our Mission is to bring value for our customers in every project and go beyond their expectations, being recognized by them as a Key Partner and the best in the field.

Our Values

We value our customers and take comfort in knowing that they can depend on our integrity and flexibility, always going the extra mile.