We have chosen to collaborate with solutions providers that reflect our core mission to bring the best value to our customers. We are proud to feature them on our website.


Prowide Open Source Core

Prowide API's SDK

The Integrator is an SDK with a range of optional modules that can be tailored to fit your own SWIFT Integration needs, whatever your processing volume.

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Prowide Validation Pipeline

Prowide Enterprise

  • Operational and maintenance costs reduced by eliminating redundant systems
  • Operational risks reduced by automating the workflow based on business rules
  • Online integration with core systems (clients, accounts, treasury, accounting, commissions)
  • Integration to an RTGS infrastructure

Prowide Enterprise Modules


Siena software:

eProseed FSIP Solutions

  • Central banks supervision pack
  • FSIP for Supervision Department
  • FSIP connector for Banks “in-a-box”